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Electric guitars:
2 GIBSON Les Paul “Classic” 60′s reissue, chambered (with 500T ceramic magnet pickups) – one black (Rik’s favourite, named “Johnnie”, as in Johnnie Walker Black), and one in honeyburst:
1 Gibson custom shop Les Paul Standard, chocolate brown flame top, 60’s neck, modded with DiMarzio SD pickups;
1 Gibson Custom Shop CS-356, cherry flame GIBSON (also outfitted with the hotter ceramic magnet pickups, but disguised under gold pickup covers).
1 Gibson CS  6 / 12 doubleneck, in arctic white.

Electric acoustic:  2 Godin A6 Ultras: one in cognacburst, one with a KOA top.
Rik also has a big collection of GODIN acoustic-electrics:  2 nylon string models, including the Grand Concert:   an A12 12 string, a Spectrum, and 3 different 5th Avenue archtops.

Favourite studio acoustics: Martin OCMPA 1 [stock]  and a Yamaha LS-36.
Pedalboard: electric and acoustic gigs:   VOX Tonelab SE.  [AMPS:  anything clean will do.  The one used most at home is a Roland Cube 60.]   For rock sounds, Rik leans towards classic Marshall Plexi and Vox Top Boost amp modeling.

D’Addario strings on all. On electrics, .EXL 140 -  .010 to .052:  on acoustic, EJ21 [jazz light, .012 to .052].

  • Updated: Jul 27, 2013
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Rik uses a regular size heavy pick, and also has acrylic nails on his right hand.
Favourite studio guitars also include the Godin 5th Avenue archtops:  Yamaha L-36, and L-55 6 & 12 acoustics, Pacifica electrics [custom shop, with Seymour Duncans], a 1979 Laskin handmade classical, and a Fender Jeff Beck Strat [stock], and a  customized Esquire Japanese reissue with Barden pickups.

In 2007, DEAN reissued a limited edition Flying V from the Triumph Allied Forces era.
Rik also owns a Baby Sitar electric, a Pavlo cutaway nylon string acoustic-electric, a Yamaha SLG ‘silent’ guitar, as well as a full range of archtop electrics from Yamaha, including a custom blonde AES-2000, an SA-2200, two AES-1500′s, a Hollywood Yamaha Custom Shop Weddington, made by Leo Knapp in the early 90’s, and a Kiyoshi Minakuchi Yamaha Tokyo Custom Shop AEX-1500, a personal favourite, named “Jackie”.

In his collection, Rik also has a National Lap Steel from the 50’s, an Alcivar resonator guitar, a Fender Jazz bass, a Yamaha Nathan East 5 string bass, and many other collectible instruments, including the first acoustic and electric guitars he ever owned, as well as the first Yairi classical he ever bought.

Rik’s favourite Toronto luthier / repairman is Doug Harrison
and his local guitar store is The Guitar Shop in Port Credit Ontario

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…one of the greatest talents to come along… fortunately for us, Rik keeps offering us new sides of his talent. — John McDermott


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